Mar 28, 2013

Get 20% off & Emerald Butterfly's Sequel!

If you haven't already purchased Emerald Butterfly, hurry soon to get it 20% off before March 31st with the code VERNUM! That means that:

Hardcover Price: $21.92
Discount Price: $15.66

Paperback Price: $10.02
Discount Price: $7.16

Ebook Price: $7.95
Discount Price: $6.36

In other news, many of the book reviews and general writing blog posts are being moved to my official blog:

This blog will continue to deliver exclusive Emerald Butterfly news and extras! Speaking of extra things, the sequel to Emerald Butterfly has officially been titled:


And it is well underway! Manuscript draft #1 is for much editing! Stay tuned for upcoming exclusive content.

-Amanda Nuri R

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