Mar 28, 2013

Get 20% off & Emerald Butterfly's Sequel!

If you haven't already purchased Emerald Butterfly, hurry soon to get it 20% off before March 31st with the code VERNUM! That means that:

Hardcover Price: $21.92
Discount Price: $15.66

Paperback Price: $10.02
Discount Price: $7.16

Ebook Price: $7.95
Discount Price: $6.36

In other news, many of the book reviews and general writing blog posts are being moved to my official blog:

This blog will continue to deliver exclusive Emerald Butterfly news and extras! Speaking of extra things, the sequel to Emerald Butterfly has officially been titled:


And it is well underway! Manuscript draft #1 is for much editing! Stay tuned for upcoming exclusive content.

-Amanda Nuri R

Mar 18, 2013

Emerald Butterfly Ebook Available!

Hello Avid Readers!

If you're not much of a hardcover or paperback reader, or just like the convenience of your Nook, Kindle, or Tablet, you're in luck! Emerald Butterfly is now available for purchase on Ebook:

Purchase it now at a cheaper price than the hardcover and paperback versions!

Enjoy reading!

-Amanda Nuri R

Mar 10, 2013

Dark Red or Light Blue?

Hi all,

There's now a way for you to get interactive! Are you more of a Light Blue or a Dark Red? Visit the Official Dark Red Recruitment page to sign up or join forces with the Dark. Or visit the Official Light Blue Recruitment page if you want to support the Light. Both sites have exclusive info on their history, the Apostles, and why you should join them.

Visit them now!

-Amanda Nuri R