Oct 8, 2012

Events Updated!

The events page has been updated! There will soon be a giveaway, but I will not yet give out the details on what I'm giving away! ;)

If you're attending the Writers' Digest Conference in Hollywood, CA shoot me a message, email, comment, whatever! I enjoy meeting other authors and getting extra resources and advice.

See you there.
-Amanda Nuri

1 comment:

  1. Amanda,

    I found you through your post about contests on the Writer's Digest Publishing Advice groups page where you posted about your contest and giveaway, and wanted to drop a quick line to say hello.

    I run several contests on my own blog each year, and have found some are successful, some not so much. But, I've found the interaction I get from other writers to be well worth the effort it takes to put them on.

    Also, don't bother trying to reason with the bully over there. She goads people into fights and in general seems to be a very unhappy person. Don't get sucked down to her level.

    Best wishes!

    Christi Corbett